Didnt get prompt for adding account on these community forums

i have a bitwarden account in my vault for when i was giving BW a try. i was using LP to fill in my BW website credentials. i imported my LP vault to BW so thats why its there. when i just made an account here it never asked me to update the bitwarden.com password or add another entry with the community.bitwarden.com subdomain. not sure why?

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This should be fixed in the latest version, 1.35

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I’m using 1.38 currently. Bitwarden Chrome extension suggests updating the password I’m using on vault.bitwarden.com for the new password I just made to use in community.bitwarden.com. Not ideal. Changing the default to having passwords attached to a subdomain (when used) instead of the *.bitwarden.com domain would help resolve this I suppose…

as an aside, i guess this would be the same thing when dealing with localhost/local ip addresses and ports?