Development frequency?

I just heard about lastpass being sold to venture capitalist I think most of us know how this story is going to end just ask toys r us! I have been using LP for years I found bitwarden sounds like a opensource version of LP. that’s great but the last update to the chrome extension was july 30. How often are updates pushed out how quick is the developer on fixing security holes when found?

Updates are released on a fairly regular basis. There has just been a new browser extension release that adds support for Safari Extension builds + bug fixes. I imagine the respective extensions for each browser will receive the update before long.

I seen that any security concerns are generally responded to within the same day. I imagine any actual security holes will be handled quickly, although I’m not aware of any specific instances.

It is a small development team (2 people as of this year, I believe + community contributions), but I’m so far pretty satisfied with the rate of updates.

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There are 2 main developers now? Looking at GitHub commits across all projects and platforms, it looks like it is still 98% our hard working friend Kyle.

As you mention, there are also a bunch of important (and appreciated!) community contributions, but it only accounts for a tiny percentage of the code.

Am I missing something?

Indeed, the majority of the work is still done by Kyle, but I’ve noticed this guy being assigned issues and making pull requests. He seems to have only just started this month, so he’d still be getting the hang of the codebase.

The community contributions are a relatively small part of the work being done, but still worth a mention, I think.


Just a little update… it looks like Matt Portune has made some more contributions, and his GitHub page lists him as a “Software Engineer @bitwarden”.

That’s likely good news. :slight_smile:

Matt, if you read this, welcome aboard!

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