Detect caps lock when typing master password and notify user in the UI

It would be nice if the browser extension UI detected when a user had caps lock enabled while typing in their master password and notified them in the UI. Here’s an example of a browser extension detecting this.

This would prevent the scenario of a user typing their master password in over and over (assuming they’ve typo’d it) until finally clicking the “eye” icon and seeing that the case of the password they’re typing in has been reversed due to caps lock.

I just ran into this with the Windows app as well. I would love to have a notification that caps lock is on when typing in passwords.

I often have this problem (I am a fast typer and sometimes Caps-Lock is turned on).
Such a hint would prevent that I have to type the master password several times.
An easy to implement feature that increases the usability a lot!

This feature will be 100% useful.

As the master password is often long, it’s frustrating when you try to login and wonder what you did wrong when all along you had caps long on! 100% useful feature.

When will this option be implemented?

I hope Bitwarden implements this simple but very useful detail soon!