Details on "Expand passwordless login support to browser and add login with device option"

The release notes for v2023.02.01 state:

Expand passwordless login support to browser and add login with device option

Can anyone expand on what this means? I looked through all the options, and did not see anything new.

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Hi @bit,

with a previous release (Web v2022.11.2) we enabled login with device on the web-vault. This has now been expanded to the browser and desktop clients.

More information can be found here: Log in with Device | Bitwarden Help Center

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Thanks Daniel!

If it’s saying what I think it’s saying, this is huge! Many thanks to the development team!

Does this mean the browser and desktop clients now support login via hardware keys? If so, is there a list of which keys are supported?

If I’m understanding correctly, this is a major development accomplishment. Well done!

No, the “device” has to be capable of running the Bitwarden mobile app or desktop app. Typically, users would use their cell phone as the device used for approving logins elsewhere.

Okay, then I’m a bit confused (real bad pun intended). :smiling_face:

Let’s see if we can de-confuse me. :wink:

Bitwarden offers a web browser extension for desktop browsers. To date, my understanding is that to login to that extension, users must use a password. If they want, they can also add a PIN or use biometrics to lock/unlock but never to login.

If that’s correct, let’s continue. If not, please correct.

For v2023.02.01, Bitwarden browser extension release notes state:

Expand passwordless login support to browser and add login with device option

Q1: What passwordless login options are available?

It mentions “login with device”. Based on your very helpful comment, it sounds like that means a desktop web browser with the Bitwarden extension can login via another device running Bitwarden.

Q2: What are the different remote devices that can be used to login? Is it any device that can run the Bitwarden mobile app or desktop app? What about another desktop device with a web browser running the Bitwarden extension?

BTW, I thought of an interesting idea, and am wondering if it is possible and, if so, if it’s a good idea. Let’s say someone has a laptop with the Bitwarden web browser extension, and it’s used in a place where physical theft is a concern. Let’s also say they have a nearby desktop computer that is physically secure. With v2023.02.01, could that desktop computer now be used as the device for the new “login with device” feature? Good idea? Bad idea?

You can only approve a login (elsewhere) from the mobile app or desktop app, not from the web vault or browser extension.