Desktop v Laptop different folders

I started using Bitwarden Password Manager on my desktop. Set up a bunch of logins. Then went and installed it on my laptop Both running Windows 11 Home.) It all worked. Then, on the laptop, I created a folder called “Finance” and moved my credit union info to it (2 items.) Now BPM on the laptop does not show the “Finance” folder and doesn’t show the 2 items I put in the “Finance” folder while using the laptop. Went back to my desktop. The finance folder is there with the 2 items, works fine. I also installed BPM on my wife’s Macbook Air. all the logins I created on my desktop show up. It even shows the “Finance” folder with the 2 items. Laptop still does not. I restarted the laptop with no change. I don’t understand this. Anybody have any suggestions?

I would suggest that on the laptop, you fully log out of your Bitwarden account (go to File > Log out in the Desktop app), and then log back in with your username and master password.

You can also do a manual sync by going to File > Sync vault

This usually does the trick when I’ve made a change, but don’t want to wait for the automatic sync process. :+1: