Desktop Screen Shot - partial obscure the user names & Identity fields

Partial obscure the username data in the Item Information section, since the desktops versions cannot block screen shots of the information. Unlike the mobile versions restricting screen shots.

Would it make sense to also obscure the fields in Identity section?


Malware caught using a macOS zero-day to secretly take screenshots

Actively exploited macOS 0-day let hackers take screenshots of infected Macs

From a developer’s perspective this is almost impossible. I can think in at very least dozen ways of grabbing a screenshot with different methods (and that’s only Windows, macOS and Linux are vastly different and in the Linux case you need to checkout basically every combination out there).

The only viable option would be to always have the username hidden, toggling its visibility on demand perhaps.

The request is to obsure the username (hopefully partly see images), not develope a screenshot blocking mechanism.

Got confused with the links about screenshots, pretty doable and it’ll be a nice addition.