Desktop App user agent spoofing old Chrome

Like many, we use SSO against our IDP and have MFA implemented at the IDP level. This means, regardless of how Bitwarden is configured, MFA happens for all users during sign in (and not anything to do with Bitwarden).

We use Duo and part of our security posture is to prevent old software from being used. Duo can check the user agent of a browser and compare it to the known latest versions, blocking older versions from completing authentication. While this isn’t perfect, it’s a good step to deter old versions.

The issue is the Bitwarden Desktop App. It has a hardcoded user agent of Chrome 112 (at time of this posting) despite being an Electron App. As such, based on our policies, you can’t sign in because it’s actually outdated chrome to Duo.

Chatting with support I understand they have reasons to spoof a specific UA, but that shouldn’t be a hard coded, mandatory, “compile it yourself if you don’t like it” option. Either stop the UA spoofing or give us options. Set our own UA, turn off spoofing, something.

And so this feature request is to ask Bitwarden to change the behavior of the desktop app user agent.