Desktop App PLUS Browser Extensions?

I searched community posts but could not find the answer to my question. Do I need to have Browser Extensions to use autofill in my browsers? I Installed the BD Windows Desktop app but it did not offer to autofill browser forms/passwords.

I believe so, I have just started using Bitwarden and have the Browser Extension and it does just fine auto-filling my browser.

Welcome! Yes, autofill requires the browser extension :sunglasses:

Thank you for your responses. What then is the purpose of the Windows desktop app? Is it only for Windows apps that need passwords?

It’s an option for you to use if you like. I do use Desktop App when doing some ‘maintenance’ like organizing, renaming, adding to folders etc. Also, it might be easier sometimes to switch between browser/app in some cases. So, do you have to use it, absolutely not. It’s also good option to have access to your account if something goes wrong with for example browser extension or something like that.

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Thank you @daki28. Good to know.

My answer on a different post: App or extension? - #4 by cho-m

In brief,

  • some current features (e.g. Windows Hello support on browser extension) will require Desktop app.
  • there are future feature requests (Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums) that may require Desktop app to support.
  • otherwise, I mainly use Desktop App as an alternative UI that is closer to Bitwarden Web Vault (Bitwarden Web Vault). As daki28 mentioned, the Desktop App (or Web Vault) is better for doing large modifications.