Desktop App Error - Failed to Fetch, unable to login

Hey all,

I’m having issues trying to get the Windows Desktop app working.
I’ve self-hosted my own BitWarden server locally on the LAN, and it is not reachable over the internet (which is intended).

I’ve created a certificate for this server (Ubuntu Server), which is signed by our local CA on the LAN. All devices on the LAN have the root CA’s certificate in their ‘Trusted Root CA’ repo.

I can navigate to the web instance of BitWarden absolutely fine on 443/SSL, the page shows as correctly secured and trusted. I can use the Web Browser plugins/extensions again, absolutely fine, no issue.

But when we try and log into the desktop app, we get the following error:
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Has anyone else had this issue? The CN is correct, and the https URL entered into the app settings is also correct.
The cert has the CN of ‘Mia’, and browsing to https://mia shows it’s correctly working and trusted, but the app just doesn’t seem to like it.