Desktop and browser plugin search vs bitwarden-cli

I have a few entries that have a word in the name. If I search for the word and added stuff in the browser or desktop plugin, I can still get those entries to show up in the search results. However, the cli with bw list --search will only return the results if I type only the word without extra words and symbols.

This is onlly important because I am trying to make a Python script to autotype and the easiest way is by window title. Window titles always have more info than the matching word.

So, is there a way to get the cli to do a fuzzy search like the web and desktop versions do?

Never mind. I just added a few lines of code to use fuzzywuzzy to filter the whole list returned by the cli. Works a treat.

Seems that the CLI list --search command is quite primitive, so I would assume that what you want to do is not possible. Perhaps @mgibson can provide some further input.

Also, it would help if you can clarify what you’re trying to achieve. Can you provide some examples of the “added stuff”/“extra words or symbols” and of the entries that you are trying to find in the search?

Well they are vastly diferent. Right now I’m working on an autofill for a VM. The window name is Whonix-Gateway-XFCE or Workstation, and the entry is just called Whonix. I also need an autofill for the password and totp for a terminal. That window name is a complete mess (I’m using terminal on MacOS). The entry has the host-name of the system I want to connect to, but the window title has the size of the window, the command, the user, etc all separated by a bunch of -s.
On a related note, I also tried to set a custom field with the exact window name. Apparently the search on the CLI does not search custom fields either. If I could find a way to do that, it would also work. I was thinking of just using the name of the application instead of the window name. That would make me choose from at most 5 different entries, so it is not terrible.

According to the thread that I had linked, you can do a Boolean OR search by including the --search argument multiple times. Thus, perhaps you can write some Python code to divide the string Whonix-Gateway-XFCE into multiple tokens (e.g., separated by hyphens), and then execute the following CLI command:

bw list --search Whonix --search Gateway --search XFCE

I saw that, thanks. Unfortunately I would have to create code for each entry that needs to be auto typed that way. I may have to figure out how to write my own client that will only do auto typing with some sort of templates like KeePass can. I would store the templates as a custom field, and then save the program name probably as that is easier to parse than some window titles.