Deliver a Set of Icons for Folders

In my vault I already have some icons for the different types of entries:


These icons have a unique layout and are also easy to identify.

I suggest that you add a set of icons, that could be used for folders and that have the same layout.
In other Applications (like KeePass, Microsoft To-Do) I also have such a set of icons.

Here some suggestions what icons could be added:

  • WIFI
  • Financial
  • Work
  • Ideas
  • Sport
  • Important
  • School / University
  • Chat
  • Social Network
  • Hardware
  • Shopping
  • Security
  • Games

Tell me if I should add some examples here, then I search for freeware (free to use icons).

I don’t need icons myself because I’m able to prepend an emoji to the folder name. Works for me.

@MetBril I already have some Emojis in my folder names, like:

  • Karate :martial_arts_uniform:
  • Phone :iphone:
  • School / University :mortar_board:

These icons have a different layout (and different colours) and a set of black icons, that can be used optionally would be fine.
Because here users still can use Emojis, use no icons or the predefined icons.

The next problem is that I have to put the Emojis at the end of the text.
If I put them at the beginning of the text, the folders are no longer sorted alphabetically.
And having them at the end of the text means that they are not in one line (like you see above).

With a set of predefined icons

  • all icons would look unique (same layout)
  • all icons would be at the beginning of the text (easier to recognise)
  • the list would be still sorted alphabetically

So a set of predefined icons would be really handy.

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Custom icons would be great across the board, folders and regular entries.
I came from the Keepass side of things. Defaulting an icon to it’s folder icon was nice and made everything very clean. Custom icons for actual entries would be a welcome change also. I’d like to see a toggle for icons pulled based on URL vs custom icons.

Many times I have non-common web, or internal network content I’ll save to Bitwarden, so all of that ends up being generic world icons.

Or just pick an emoji?