Delinea Thycotic Secret Server

I am trying to export my Secret Server vault information into Bitwarden and I was wondering if anyone has done this and can provide help.

Under the Bitwarden list of items to import from, Secret Server is not listed but there are many others.

I randomly tried but they either errored because it was not the right format, or it imported but the items did not go into the correct fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you can export to CSV from your “old” password manager:

  • Add a few dummy items to Bitwarden then export them as CSV.
  • Export the passwords from your “old” password manager as CSV.
  • Compare both CSV files and make necessary adjustments to the file you want to import into Bitwarden.
  • Delete the dummy items inside Bitwarden.
  • Import the adjusted CSV-file.
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