Delete vault entry

I have multiple entries in my vault for one account that I access using BW logons.

How do I delete them and start over fresh for this account?

Log into the Web Vault, go to account settings, and choose the Purge Vault function.

Won’t this delete all my logons? I only want to delete one…


  1. Use the checkboxes on the left to select multiple entries
  2. Click one of the vertical ellipses icons on the right to open the option dialog
  3. Select “Delete”

This moves those items to the “Trash” folder where they will remain for 30 days, should you decide to restore one or more of them. You can also hasten their permanent deletion by going to trash folder and essentially reproducing the above instructions.

Thank you very much !!

You had said “start over fresh”, so I thought that’s what you meant.

no worries. problem solved. thanks for your help!

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