Delayed Autofill for specific pages

Delayed Autofill for specific pages

  • Add the option to delay the Autofill for a choosable amount of seconds or better miliseconds. (for specific pages)

Feature function

Some Pages like have loaded Username first, and then some miliseconds later the PW-Field (hidden at this moment, but still fillable by a passwort manager, because if i press shift-ctrl-L after the page is loaded, the PW get filled in background. Just autofill itself is to fast for that).

BW Browser Plugin with activated Autofill will autofill as soon as Username field is present, fills in all possible information, then PW Field gets loaded but stays empty because autofill has already ended.

=> as it works, if I hit shift-ctrl-L after a few seconds manually, i bet a delayed autofill would work here too.

This can be handy, but is it necessary tho.

It is necessary for those websites which need it. My bank website does.
How do we make this an official request?

Hi @StevenC88, you’re in the right place! Adding your vote to the topic is the best way to shine a light on the idea.

Thanks, consider this a vote.
The website which needs this is the Bank of America web, which I would assume is a popular one.