Define special characters to use or excluded

Inspired by the password manager Enpass.

Some websites do not allow certain special characters and require that you use specific special characters. But usually you can’t exclude specific special characters when creating passwords with a password manager. This would be a useful function. Otherwise you have to manually change or delete the not allowed special characters from the password in such a case. Sometimes I got that, providers of insurances or online stores have exactly such a restriction. You have to use special characters, but you are only allowed to use certain special characters.

The provider Enpass has solved this elegantly, for example, in which he has an additional setting in the settings of “Create password”, where you can define which special characters should be used or which should be excluded.

Hey, I think there already is a request like this you can vote for:


Nail1684, this is an entirely different request. The special character request in this list is asking for more special characters to be included, not the ability to restrict certain characters.

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