$DefaultValue$ in Username and Password

I have two Accounts where Username and Password suddenly show the value “$DefaultValue$”.
Where did it came from, what’s behind it (nothing I think), and can I retrieve the original values?
Thx in advance

Hi @pesplive and welcome to the Community!

Just to clarify, you have two different logins in your Bitwarden Vault that used to have valid usernames and passwords and now are populated with “$DefaultValue$”. Is that correct?

If so, have you tried going into your Web Vault and logging out and then logging back in?

If you open one of the problem logins and scroll to the bottom, do you see any Password history? If so, what do you see when you click on the number next to it?

Hi Roger…
Thx for your reply.
. Yes that’s correct.
. Yes I have tried that - a lot.
. No Password History unfortunately

This is not a big problem as I can handle it, its more of curiosity in BW functionality.

Did these accounts ever have a different username and password in Bitwarden? In other words, did you recently migrate from a different password manager, and only noticed the “$DefaultValue$” strings after importing data into your Bitwarden vault?

Searching through code in Github, I don’t see anything that could output such a character string.