Default usernames

I have done the suggested changes. Web, browser and desktop apps have those. Only the mobile version left


Mobile version halfway done. The Xamarin.Forms doesn’t have an equivalent of the datalist HTML component. As I’m not Xamarin expert maybe someone from the Bitwarden team could help me with this?


@mp-bw is super busy with FIDO2 work, but he may be able to assist with specific questions if you have them.


So my question is how to replicate behavior like HTML input with datalist in Xamarin.Forms in a best way. I’ve seen the custom controls implementing search functionality, but maybe there is a better solution.

Thanks for the update @michecinski! I’ll check out your PRs for the Angular clients and then consider what we can do for mobile if you’re still unsure.


Came here from this feature request: Autocomplete username when creating new entries - #10 by cmdkev

Just want to say it would be a great feature! Part of why I use BW is to reduce the number of clicks/keypresses as my hands slowly descend into arthritis doom. Typing email addresses every time is quite frustrating.


Have been thinking about this for a while and stumbled across. Really excited to see this happen!

looking forward to this update

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Hi all, I’m really interested in adding this feature, to the point I’d want to complete the current implementation. I’ll try to figure out what’s left to do but it would be really cool if @michecinski or @eliykat could summarize it
From a quick glance, to keep track for myself:

  • Figure out how to work with github forks (I’m a GitLab user and used to just having feature branches in one same repo for every project)

  • web

    • merge master to the fork
  • jslib

    • merge master to the fork
    • review the PR comments (take a closer look at the reduce vs forEach
  • browser

    • merge master to the fork
    • review PR comments
      • remove from json
      • move to jslib base class
      • fix Chrome compatibility
      • figure out datalist overlay when there’s one element only. Would need to replicate the change for the other clients
      • test if there’s fallback for the older browser versions
  • Xamarin and mobiles

    • TBD later once desktop is done
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Sorry for the late response. I will be more than happy if you could help bring this feature live. I had personal and work related stuff lately, so I abandoned work on this feature. A few days ago I come back to finish it, but unfortunately, I cannot run the js projects anymore due to some dependencies on Windows side. And I haven’t got time to investigate it properly. Today’s afternoon I will take a look on it, and try to run the project once again.

Okay, I managed to get to the code in the afternoon. To be honest, I no longer see possibility to integrate my previous work with the current state of the system in it’s core functionality in jslib part. Between the time that I’ve developed it and now there were major changes to project layout etc. and I find that it would be better to just write it once more in the jslib part at least.

Hi @levkach, just confirming that you’re welcome to take this feature on. I haven’t compared the code myself, but we have had some major rewrites in jslib lately, so I suspect that @michecinski is right that it’s better to restart this work with a fresh branch/PR. However, there’s nothing stopping you from copying from the old PR if appropriate.

I also encourage you to review the discussion on the existing PRs (which you may have already done) which might help you when writing your implementation.

@michecinski, I’ll close your old PRs for now based on your update above. Thanks for your efforts!

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Hi @levkach have you started working on this feature yet?

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This is the one feature that is missing for me, would love to see it implemented. Personally I’d set a default username that can be edited if needed, but if a more sophisticated solution is being looked at, great. I see the username generator already exists, but doesn’t allow for a default.


Hey @michecinski @levkach, just wanted to check-in on progress and to see if there is still active development on this one, or if you have any questions for the team!

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I would love to see this feature!

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This feature will be great!

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As @michecinski and @levkach have not replied, can the Bitwarden team prioritize this feature on the roadmap? We have relied on Bitwarden for years and this simple feature is long overdue.

If I missed it on the roadmap, my apologies.

Thank you!


I totally agree. It’s such a crucial feature.


I just noticed in the iOS mobile app that when adding a new login, there is a generator feature now available for the username field. There are a few configurations for which the default is generated.

More info:

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