Default URI matching - per domain RULES

Imo the URI matching in Bitwarden need improvements.

Working in web-development, I have the following use-case:

  • for most domains, I am happy with the Host or Base Domain Match


I have several domains where a port matching is a MUST HAVE, same for sub-domains matching.

EG: localhost,, (test|dev) etc…

  • for these domains I generate password automatically - and have like 500 entries that fall in here

The proposed solution would be to have a setting where I can say:

  • localhost - port matching: YES
  • - host matching: YES, port matching: YES

and these settings should be valid for all 500 Entries.

LastPass has this feature and it’s the biggest Pain Point I currently have with Bitwarden.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but the only way to correct this is to set the URI match rule / entry (like 500 changes… no way I’ll do that).

Or let me know where I could code this, I’ll add it in my own build.

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