Default URI Match Detection

I have Default URI Match Detection set to host, which is how I want it for most sites.
However I do have quite a lot of sub-domains so want to use “base domain” for those
and also quite a lot of providers who have lots of different apps logins off the same domain, so for those I want to use exact match.
Other for those cases I get a shed load of logins showing up, which I have to scroll through, and is a nightmare on mobile devices.

any way to do this?

Hi Russ - welcome!

If I understand your question correctly, yes, you can definitely do this.

The default URI matching scheme can be over-ridden for each URI you specify within a login. So, if you want to use base domain matching for a particular login item (credential), then just set the URIs within that item to match the base domain(s). If you have another set of credentials that require exact matches, just make sure the URIs in that login item are all set to exact match.

The only trick is that if you have more than one login item (i.e., more than one set of credentials) that use the same host or domain, they will have to be set appropriately as well. So, a bit of planning and logic might be necessary to make things work the way you want.

Feel free to write back if you have other questions or some examples of what you need to do, and I am sure somewhere here can help.

ok having checked again, I now see the option, not sure why I didn’t notice it before

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Yes, it is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Glad it worked for you!