Default to save FQDN for websites

When I save passwords they’re only saved as, for example When hosting multiple services under the same domain auto-complete won’t know which of the services to choose as they all fit the default match-rule displaying all passwords for all services. So when typing ctrl+shift+l first match will be choosen.

To fix this for now I type the complete URL and choose “Beginning with” which fixes it, but it would be nice if the widget could do this as default behavior.

Are you suggesting that we add a setting to change the default match rule?

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Either that, or making it possible to have it save the FQDN (, and so on) instead of just for passwords saved through the web browser plugin.

The apps already save the full URI by default. The match detection setting determines how it is processed for autofill.

What I mean is in the list all entrys show up as the same thing even though they have different URL:s saved under each of them, like the uploaded photo. So when manually searching for like as the web page could be for example it shows up as just

This is what I´d like it to be saved as, for example.

I see. That’s a pretty simple change. Will be available next release.

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