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Hi. I’m currently making the switch from LastPass to Bitwarden. The one thing that I’m not liking is that when opening the Chrome extension, it always defaults to the “Tab” tab. I’d really like it if it could default to the “My Vault” tab. Is it possible to add an option that allows it to be chosen?

Yeah, I’ve just seen that here. Indeed it works that way. But as soon as you start typing something in the search box it will show entries on your entire vault.

Maybe this can help you too: Bitwarden's Cheatsheet?

Don’t forget about the Ctrl+Shift+Y and Ctrl+Shift+L shortcuts on browsers (it might depend on the platform you are on). They’re extremely useful.

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Just came here to look around and see if this was a thing. Have you seen any other threads talking about this? Would love if we could set the default on our own!

It would be nice if there was an option in settings to default the the My Vault tab when clicking on the extension.

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I have asked in the forum for an answer to my request but to no avail.
When you enter your master password into the Bitwarden Extension (for Chrome in my case) the default window that is always opened is ‘Tab’. Is it possible for the user to choose which section opens by default i.e. ‘Tab’, ‘My Vault’, ‘Generator’, ‘Settings’. I would personally like to be able to see the ‘My Vault’ tab so as to access my Favourites directly.
Many thanks.

I agree that this would be a useful feature although how would one choose which tab opens. Would it be an option in the settings? Or possibly the tab the user last opened would be the one that opens next time the user opens the extension.

I like the Tab since it is context sensitive and only shows logins that match the current page.

I personally don’t use the plugin as some kind of bookmark manager and when I do I don’t mind the extra click to My Vault or the search box.

Another option could be to have the favorites show in the ‘Tab’ tab. This is the best of both worlds. Show matching logins AND favorites.


Agreed, the suggestion to have favourites showing in the ‘tab’ tab would be ideal. As you say, the best of both worlds!

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@tgreer This seems like a duplicate with

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