Deauthorize Sessions

In LastPass manager I could see all devices authorized or even logged into my LastPass vault including IPs and such. I had to authorize each device through my Vault manager browser. Then if I was unsure of a device, I just deauthorized it or disabled it to verify if it was in fact my device before deauthorizing it. I don’t want to mass deauthorize all devices and sessions, but I actually do not know what BitWarden’s Deauthorize sessions does because there is not detailed information anywhere and I don’t want to click on it as it is in a “Scary” section on the screen. Does anyone know if you can deauthorize individual sessions and devices and see when they were authorized or last logged in or synced?

Hey there,

Bitwarden probably has the most detailed description of what deauthorising sessions does of every password manager. Here it is, you can always find it in Account Settings > “Deauthorise Sessions”:

Note: You cannot deauthorise individual sessions, you can just deauthorise all of them.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, thank you. Wish it was not all or nothing.

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