Deal with Discourse sites properly

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If you’re running two password managers (Bitwarden and Chrome) concurrently, it is no surprise that they will interfere with each other. Pick one, and disable the other.

The two get along fine, for years now – my experience.
And just like if you had two children, you shouldn’t
have to enforce a

And if one of them cannot live in the same house with the other,
then its their own fault.

P.S., I would be rather nuts to put all my eggs in one basket!

Nevertheless it’s a fact that multiple password managers have the potential to compete with each other.

Also, keep in mind that no browser built-in password manager is going to be as robust as a real dedicated password manager.

As far as keeping your eggs in one basket you don’t need to do that. I export my BW vault and import it into a standalone (i.e not cloud) password manager that lives on a couple of my devices. So even if my BW vault is unreachable or gets corrupted somehow I can easily just switch over to the other password manager.

  1. Browser password managers are not that secure as dedicated password managers. In fact, most (cybersecurity) experts don’t recommend to use a browser password manager. (good overview about that: Stop using your browser's built-in password manager. Here's why | ZDNET )

  2. Okay, not all your eggs in one basket… but on the other hand not only one “attack surface”, but two “attack surfaces”. (and I think this would be even “worse”, if you had more or less all your passwords in both password managers, because then your attack surface would be really “doubled”).

  3. As @bwuser10000 already mentioned: another offline password manager - I personally would tend to a KeePassXC-database-file secured with an additional YubiKey - could be a good “backup system”. (far better than another “online” (when they are synced via your Google account, then it is “online”) and/or browser password manager).

Bitwarden does warn that the two can interfere and recommends disabling the built in password manager.

You are storing the passwords in two places, presumably to defend against vault loss. That is a very good thing to do and something that is unfortunately often missed by people who have not yet experienced significant loss.

I would, however, suggest that your approach does place you at risk of information being inconsistent between Chrome and Bitwarden. Instead, I would suggest picking one vault and getting in the habit of backing it up periodically. If you want to additionally import the backup into a competing vault (KeepassXC is popular for this) to reduce recovery time, that is also doable/reasonable.

I create a backup before and after each major change (e.g. new master password or remediating based on health reports) and also every month or few to catch the less-significant changes. I further backup to multiple flash drives, one of which is stored offsite, because I am paranoid about losing data.


Hey, for what’s it’s worth, I have reported via the online form that BW doesn’t offer to save the discourse password when I am resetting my password on a discourse “reset password” page, neither on this forum, nor on discourse meta.

So imo, please dont shoot the messenger, this one’s on BW.

Later edit: i do not have any other password manager except for BW, and the browser’s password manager is disabled.


If you can confirm* that you do not have any other password managers enabled (e.g., native password saving by the browser), then this would mean that the behavior is a bug. Such bugs should be reported on Bitwarden’s “Prompt to Save” failure report form, which you have evidently already done.

*Confirmed in the edit to the previous comment. Closing this thread, since it’s a bug report and not a new feature request.