De-duplication between Lastpass and BitWarden


Currently splitting off my private credentials from my work credentials.

Currently, all my credentials are stored in Lastpass. I have exported everything, imported it all into BitWarden and removed all the work-related items. What I now want to do is to go through my LastPass vault and programmatically remove all the credentials that now appear in Bitwarden.

Any suggestions please as to how to make this as painless as possible?



@prosmart Welcome to the forum!

You could do the following:

  1. Export your LastPass and Bitwarden vaults as .CSV files, and open them in Excel.
  2. Add a column to the Bitwarden spreadsheet called Private, and fill the column with an arbitrary value (e.g., ‘X’) in every row; in the LastPass spreadsheet, also create a column named Private, but leave the contents of the column empty.
  3. Create a combined spreadsheet with all of the data from both exports, lining up the columns to match each other (if you intend to import the work items into LastPass, then keep the LastPass column headers, and paste in the Bitwarden data into the correct columns).
  4. Sort the combined spreadsheet using the Private column, so that the Bitwarden rows (which have X in this column) appear first.
  5. In Excel’s Data tab, use the Remove Duplicate Values tool to remove rows that have duplicate values for the URL, username, and password.
  6. Delete every row that contains an X in the Import column, and then delete the Import column.
  7. Save the spreadsheet in .CSV format. This .CSV should have only work entries.
  8. Purge your LastPass vault and import the .CSV.
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I should have explained more clearly.

Lastpass is the source of all data - I am moving private “stuff” into bitwarden.

Regardless I can use something similar to separate them - I was thinking way too complicatedly.



The procedure I outlined above assumes that LastPass contains all of your login items (both work and private), while Bitwarden contains the same private items, but none of the work items. The method I suggested essentially ends up “subtracting” your Bitwarden vault data from your LastPass vault data.

Glad I was able to provide some helpful guidance.

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