Date of last use for a login, is this information stored by BW?

Hi, is BW storing the date you used the last time your Login entry ?
(really the last date it was used, not the date the Login entry was edited or created)
I do not see this date/time neither in the graphical user interface of Bitwarden not in its exported JSON :disappointed_relieved:

I need to be able to see the Logins I used a long time ago to check if they are still valid and remove them if they are no longer valid. Without this feature, it is a guarantee your login entries will turn into a mess within a few years. Regards

Should I conclude that Bitwarden has no information at all about the last request date of a login/password entry ?!

No, you should not conclude that @Christop. You posed your question to the community forum. If you want an official response from Bitwarden, you should contact their support department.

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In the end : Bitwarden has NO information at all about date/time of last Login use. I hope it helps users wondering too where this essential feature is. So you should consider 1Password for this, it might have it.