Data imported, firefox ext enabled, but no username/passwords upon launch

Could someone point me to some instructions to move forward. Thanks.

This is general info on using Extensions:

Does everything look normal in your Web Vault?

Yes, all looks normal. Same behavior on web vault: no usernames or passwords are filled in when a website is Launched.

Rather, NO it is NOT normal either. Same behavior.

Did you use the Web Vault when you imported? Where did you import from?

Did you see anything imported into Bitwarden right after the import finished? If you click on All Items in the Web Vault, you see nothing, correct?

I believe I initiated the import thru BW and it was from LastPass. I saw everything when the import finished as I do now when I click on All Items. But when I try to launch any of the websites in my vault the appropriate login page comes up but no data is entered in the username or password fields.

I also came from LastPass so I understand your expectations. This will clarify things especially the section called On Page Load:

Thanks Roger. I sense this will address my problem. I don’t have time to read it through thoroughly now but I will and I’ll keep you posted. For now, thanks for your timely response and direction.

That was a lot to absorb but I got it to work as expected and I am not so sure how. More to study. Many thanks again Roger.

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