Data Breach Report - Check Breaches - An error occurred trying to load the report. Try again

i installed bitwarden on premise and everthing works like a charm - nearly. Due to Collection #1 i tried to check breaches of my mailadresses, but i get a red error popup saying:

An error has occurred.
Failed to fetch

I can not find any logentries … any hints?


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I get exactly the same error message. All other reports work fine - Exposed Passwords, Reused Passwords, Weak Passwords, Unsecured Websites, Inactive 2FA. But the Data Breach Report gives this error. I’m self-hosting on Ubuntu with the latest update of Bitwarden, behind a fairly standard router firewall.

HIBP broke their API. We have some changes coming out in our next update to fix this.


Thx for the information!!!


I just installed Bitwarden on premise and am still getting the same error. Any update? I this because HIBP is now charging for API access?

I am encountering this issue as well. My install is up to date and I have added a valid globalSettings__hibpApiKey to my /bwdata/env/global.override.env file.

Update: It turns out that my override.env wasn’t loading changes made - I was able to force it to reload and now all is working as expected.