Custom Pasteboard type on macOS using Browser Extension?

Hello! TIL that macOS has a ‘pasteboard type’ concept which allows developers to inspect metadata about a pasteboard item. For example, 1password adds items to the pasteboard with the type com.agilebits.onepassword.

Why is this useful? A F/OSS mac clipboard manager app called Maccy allows users to ignore pasteboard items by adding their type to an ignore-list.

I tested whether or not the bitwarden firefox extension uses a descriptive paste type for a copied password from the value, but it uses public.utf8-plain-text. So does the bitwarden mac app-store app

To my question: Is it possible for the bitwarden Firefox browser extension to use a custom paste type for generated and stored passwords? That way clipboard managers could opt to ignore those passwords

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Hi @bennypowers, this is a popular request from the community here and on Github. I’ll be looking at it Q1 2022 to see if/how we can provide some functionality to exclude copied passwords from common clipboard managers.


To the OP, here’s a link to the GitHub issue. If progress is made, it will likely be visible there. Or it will just show up in release notes and pleasantly surprise us all someday! :slight_smile: Pasteboard type · Issue #90 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

By the way, as you probably know, Maccy can disregard a whole app. Which is super inconvenient when the app is your browser, but works pretty well if you do your copying and pasting from the desktop app.