Custom icons for items and folders/collections

Hello, i found this wonderful icon set, why not implement it for the icons of the various accounts ?


New here. It is kind of discouraging seeing feature requests going back YEARS that have lots of votes, and no action taken :frowning: But I will use one of my twenty precious votes anyway, hoping I’ve somehow tipped the scales.


Hi! I’m creator of aegis-icons. :slight_smile:

Thanks for compliments (I really appreciated it), but as personal request to Bitwarden (if they ever gonna implement this feature), is to not implement my icon set.

Reason being that my icon set isn’t meant to be all general purpose one. I only make icons for sites that have Aegis supported 2FA support. And many of the sites don’t have 2FA, so those sites never gonna have a icons in the first place.

Also, most of the icons are made by me. There’s barely any contributions as of now, this would increase work load by a lot.

My suggestion is to use Simple Icons, it’s the best source for any kind of one color logos and it even has main brand colors as well. It’s CC0 licensed also and really actively maintained.


I would like to use all custom icons to prevent data leakage during CDN requests.

Thanks for that tip! Was getting frustrated when it wasn’t appearing on some sites so that has done the trick as a workaround!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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I would also like this feature please! +1 :+1:t3:

PS - Similar to @Rupert, I had the idea to host and reference some custom favicons that I could use for sites.

I did actually get BitWarden to change the icon by adding in a differnet address into URI1. Whilst I apprecaite this is not ideal, I was curious and hoped someone from BitWarden could tell me…

  • Am I correct in thinking we could use a differnent favicon URI in URI1?
  • If so, is the favicon retrieved from the domain, or the page… e.g. would it be possible for me to reference (a), (b) – or would it only look at the favicon listed myweb,com

(Hope that makes sense!)

Thanks guys!

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I am also in favor of this idea of custom icons.
I would stay away from any set of icons from anyplace on the net. I’m sure the one icon I want will not be there. I want to upload my own icons. Put them as an attachment to the entry. But some way that the same icon shows on all platforms and in all browsers that I use.

Sounds like a PRO feature. Nice, but a lot of overhead for BW.

Newbie to Bitwarden, I’ve been leveraging Keepass for nearly a decade and bit the bullet awhile back. This is one feature I dearly miss is the ability to select icons on a per entry or per folder basis. Like others have said, I use Bitwarden (or previously Keepass) as a database for all things, not just common websites.

Did you see the trick from @DenalB ?

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And again…
People, read before posting!

Did you see the trick from @DenalB ?

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A would guess little more overhead than the URL icons that already exist. These icons are cached by the server so storing icons already works.

My request was closed because it already existed in this request. I wonder how that is possible because this request specifically mentions Items where my requests specifically requests Folders and Collections which are two completely different things.

@DenalB Could you either update this feature request with my proposal or re-open my feature request?

@Eraser I closed it as the icons for items are a general request, so having specific topics for icons for items/folders/collections isn’t really needed. I did edit the title of this request to reflect more than just items, though.


I‘m not able to do this cause I’m not a staff member. :wink:

Thanks a lot @tgreer ! :+1:

When can we expect this feature to be added? I have a list of 30 emails and all with the same icon, I would like to set custom icons so I can spot my main ones easily. Will this ever get done?

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@jprosadoDE we use the favicons from those services, which sometimes vary in padding/size.

We have some additional UI/UX team members now, so items like this are getting some much-needed attention, but not on the imminent development list at the moment.

FFS Bitwarden - what does it take for you to implement a feature that so many people want ? Unbelievable this request is still a thing.

@NTP thanks for the inspiration :metal:

We’ve been working on quite a lot over the past 20 months :slight_smile:

With more to come:

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