Custom fields template functionality

In order to make the auto fill work on different websites - especially for payments, we need to have a bunch of custom fields.
It would be very helpful if we could have them automatically added to other identical types.
Example: addresses or credit cards.
If I’m editing one credit card to work on some website, I’d like to have those custom fields added to my other cards.
The names of custom fields should always be added.
The same goes for custom field value if it’s boolean or linked.
For text and hidden the user can choose if they want to add the value or not.
If I’m adding a new credit card these custom fields should already be present.
All of this resembles template functionality.

If it’s hard to do this automatically users could have an option to copy fields to another item.
When they start the copy process, they get asked to choose the destination item, only missing fields get copied, and user gets to decide how they want text and hidden fields value to be handled (copy it or not).
And then they can decide if they want to stay in the source item or move to the destination item.