Custom fields not always populating for

I’m trying to automate filling in multiple fields on a form for the Annual Credit Report site. The specific page is:

I’ve created an identity item in BW and added all the required fields as custom fields. The custom field names were obtained by right-clicking in the field > Bitwarden > Copy custom field name.

When trying to fill out the form, I’m getting less than stellar results… Usually, just the first 3 or 4 fields will populate; never the entire form. I can try right-clicking in a field and run ‘autofill identity’; sometimes, additional fields will populate; sometimes different fields populate and previously filled fields are cleared. There is no specific pattern that I can determine.

All of the field names obtained via ‘copy custom field name’ have a form of ‘processForm_…’. Here’s a couple of examples:


There are about 16-18 total custom fields. If anyone has any suggestions on getting all the fields to populate, I’d sure like to hear them.