Custom fields - Is there an easier way?

I recently added my first site with custom fields. Quite an ordeal. Is there an easier way? Here is what I had to do:

  • Click on each custom field in the login, and right-click to save custom field name
  • Open Bitwarden and create new login, then add custom field at the bottom and paste in the name and the value
  • Save that login because it won’t stay open if I go back to the web page
  • Go back to web page and get next field name, repeat (including the save each time and re-opening the previously saved login each time from Bitwarden).

Seems like it should be possible to just fill out the form on the web page and choose “Save all as a new login” and Bitwarden should do that. Am I missing an easier way?

Hey there, if you are using Firefox or Opera, you can pop-out the sidebar. Or click the icon in the top left to pop out the extension, both of these will create a persistent experience.

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