Custom fields could have "nice name"s too


I would like to have a nice name for custom field for readability. Sometimes the provided html id is not straight forward and I would rather have a better name for my custom fields.

Thank you for your consideration :pray:


I’m not sure what you mean. The purpose of custom fields is to allow autofill to work with more than just username and password fields. For this to work, the field names need to match the HTML ID or name attributes in the website source.

I’m using the Custom fields to store various data. Sometimes this data is related to a webpage sometimes it’s just for me. But when it is related to an input field on a web page I have to use the id of the input as field name. That is not “user friendly”. Ex.: “special-secret”. I would like to add a readable name to the custom field like “My special secret”. Okay the example is dummy but hope it is more clear now.
In other words. Now the custom field has 2 values: name, value. My suggestion is that it has 3 values:

  • name (not the old name, rather a user friendly name)
  • input-name (equivalent to the old name)
  • value
    Name and input-name should be optional of course.

Thank you for your consideration.

I’d imagine this working as a “third” or “fourth” field for user reference that doesnt change any functionality for autofill. A current workaround for users right now would be to put the field and “friendly name” in the notes section.