Custom field types

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Custom fields in Bitwarden can defined as Text, Bolean or Hidden.
I would like to define my custom fields as Text, Url, Phone, Email, Username, Password, Date, etc. (see attachment).
This exists in many other password managers and is very practical to have.
Is there a reason for not having such field types available, is there a request for this kind of development to be done in Bitwarden ?

image|281x499 in Bw ?

Why don’t you add this data as text? If necessary just name the custom field Email or Username. (And by the way: You already can add URLs under URI.)
Let’s assume they add these custom fields you want. Other users might want to have House number (of course separated from Street name), religious denomination, blood type, shirt size, favourite shoe colour and so on. Where do you stop? How do you make everyone happy?

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A question as old as the first feature request!

@tgreer: There are of course valid feature requests. The ones I want for example… :wink:


I you search the feature request category you will already find some that match your request. Show your love and vote over there.