Custom Field Options

Fields that don’t fill in we are able to add custom fields which is great. I was wondering if we can link them to main fields in the form. Say I wanted to add a custom field for address I can add the custom field set my type and than use maybe !Address and it will link to the main address field. This will help me not have to type the address for each custom field and if I move I only have to change the main address field for the custom fields to work.

iirc this is already possible.

If the custom field name is “address” and the html tag for the input has a name=“address” attribute, it should auto-fill…

Yup I was right:

  1. id attribute
  2. name attribute
  3. label attribute

So if you want to learn what those are, right click the field and click “inspect” and you’ll see an input HTML tag… look for id=“xxx” or name=“xxx” and name the custom field as the same as xxx.

Yes I can add a custom field. I want to tie that custom field to one of the main fields. If a field on a site is myaddress per say it wont auto fill. I want to be able to put in a custom field with myaddress and use the above address instead of typing in my address again.

I think you can use | to separate the two ids…

so if the two HTML attributes for the two inputs are addr1 and myaddr you would name the field addr1|myaddr and it should fill both… I think

My explaining must be terrible lol. I added a picture. I am using the address only as a example but it comes in handy in a lot of areas such as credit card that will change and could have lots of different custom fields.

+1 for this as @Kamaro has described it (especially the picture!). I’m trying to migrate from KeePass and this would be very helpful to have.

In my ID item, I want to add a custom field for an expiration date for the driver licence. Ideally, this custom field I create, would appear alongside the built in licence number field, instead of grouped at the bottom of the item.

So the ability to indicate WHERE the custom field should appear, is critical to this feature request.