Custom field groups / sections

Currently only the sections “item information” and “custom fields” are shown for an item. It would be great if custom fields could be grouped into own sections (with a free text title) that are displayed similarly as the two pre-defined sections. This would allow structuring custom fields.
Within the editor, it should also be possible to move fields between those custom sections and ideally have the ability to reorder them (e.g. via drag and drop).

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This feature is very important, I came from 1Password and all my items are divided in that way.29

Had a very similar thought when organizing passwords today. SafeInCloud has a pretty nice organization that I prefer to the grouping of Custom Fields.

When I showed Bitwarden to a colleague of mine (I try to convince him) he asked me if “Sections” like in 1Password are possible.
He often uses Sections to group user-defined fields.

For his telephone provider he has for example the section “Security Questions” where he added some fields for the security questions + answers that are needed needed for password-recovery.
Then he has an other section called “Hotline” where he has an additional password that he just needs when he is calling the hotline.

Here is a screen shot how this looks in 1Password on his iPhone when you create a new entry:

I guess when Bitwarden support doesn’t comment that means the answer is no? I submitted a question a few days ago and no reply from them as well…

Also surprised here that this simple yet important function is missing still. Makes the tool pretty useless for our company in the end, since i can’t share complex server details without it. Definitely a must have for a password manager…

I definitely need the ability to label custom fields (apart from the name) as the name (which is based on the name in the web form) may not have any relation to what the user thinks it is.

I created community account just for this. This is much needed feature. Are there plans to incorporate this?

Same thing. I’d really like to have this feature since I use custom fields quite a lot and have to resort to common prefixes and suffixes to distinguish between different sections.

Thanks for the feedback all, customizable item types is on the roadmap :+1:

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