Custom Bitwarden pasword entries interface


I post this tipic to know if it is possible to configure my interface account to display all my notes/passwords from the safe box in a complete row, to display the entries in a full row or complete line instead it is displaying now.

Actually I can’t read the complete name of every element, so it is hard to locate what I need to open.

What I need is to view the complete name of every element. You can know what I am talking about in this picture :

In red what I would like to delete and in orange at the right, the place which I would like to extend the names of the elements.

So, could it be possible to custom the way I see my entries to view the complete name of every entry?


Hi @GalernaEstudio and welcome to the community :tada:

Have you tried the full width layout?

This can be set when you click on your account on the top right corner → Account settings → Preferences (on the left hand side) → Display full width layout (Allow the web vault to expand the full width of the browser window.)

Additionally we are aware of scenarios where long folder/collection or item names might be hard to see. One improvement with showing better tool-tips ,was just merged yesterday and will be included in the next release 2023.5.

Kind regards,

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Hi Daniel.

I have changed the display preferences and now I see better the interface.

Thank you very much.