Ctrl+Shift+L Issue When Using Firefox Containers

Version (First Noticed)

Maybe it’s unrelated to the 2023.3.0 release, but I don’t recall experiencing this behavior prior to the extension update (end of March 2023).


If my vault is locked and I try to use CTRL+SHIFT+L to auto-fill the password while in a container tab, the Bitwarden extension loads a new tab, in the current container, and asks for the Master Password (instead of the PIN) to unlock. When I enter the password, it unlocks for the tab, but not the extension. The tab provides no way to auto fill and if I close it and try CTRL+SHIFT+L it starts all over (asking me for the master password) instead of auto-filling.

The unlock tab also displays a warning about “private mode” which is disabled, but probably the container tab just knows it cannot access the non-container data from the extension?

Non-Containers Function Properly

I opened a non-container tab, and it seems to work (unlocks the extension and auto-fills) after entering the PIN in the new tab. (Sometimes it loads multiple Bitwarden tabs, which is also new behavior.)


Has anyone noticed this?
How can I inform the Bitwarden team?

You can open a “New Issue” on GitHub:

Thank you! It looks like the issue has been created, explained, and demoed.

Looks like the dev team is investigating the issue, but have not been able to reproduce it themselves. Thus, if you have any additional information to contribute to the GitHub topic on this issue, that may be helpful.