CTRL+SHIFT+L GUI behavior on Firefox

Hi there,

I noticed that using the filling shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L it raises up a new Firefox window that invokes the Windows Hello PIN/biometric unlock but, clicking on the Bitwarden extension icon, will not: unlock works fine without any other browser window needed (that is much more comfortable).

No problem in functionality, but I wish to warn the developers on this because it’s not a beauty from the GUI point of view.

Firefox 118.0.1
Bitwarden extension 2023.9.1


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It is apparently not technically possible to open the browser extension when Ctrl+Shift+L is pressed while the extension is locked. Previously, this caused a new browser tab to open; since version 2023.9.1, Bitwarden instead uses a small browser window to prompt the user to unlock their vault.

Got it.

Probably having it opening in the background could be better (but I don’t know if it’s possible).

Thanks for the feedback anyway.