Ctrl/Cmd + Enter to save new entry

Feature name

  • Ctrl/Cmd + Enter keyboard shortcut to save new vault items

Feature function

When adding a new vault item, allow the user to tab through and complete the desired fields. Once the new entry is ready to be saved, utilize the Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on macOS) keyboard shortcut to save the item.

This would be most useful in the browser extension and desktop application.

I made an account on here just to post a request for this same feature. Esc escapes the presently open window. Ctrl+Enter would be a logical to save the entry window, as it is common across many other platforms for email and chat, browser and desktop apps alike.

I use Bitwarden directly in the browser most of the time with no plugin, so that’s where I’d like to see it. But of course it would make sense to have in the feature set unified across the interfaces.

I’m surprised nobody else has posted about this, it has been itching me for a while and finally I got to posting here. Thanks @WildWanderer for starting this thread. Hopefully others will chime in with support, as I’m sure we’re not the only ones thinking this.

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This is still at only one vote. Make sure you vote for it! Thanks for your support!

Thanks for pointing that out! Slammed that VOTE button like everybody else who opens this thread should do.

Is this going to be implemented in the near future? It is a pain to click on the Save button every time I want to save a password in the Desktop App. A shortcut for saving an Item should be implemented.