CryptoWallet Type w/ "Multi-signature (multisig)"

There have been a few one-off topic items about creating a dedicated Type for Crypto Wallets. Still this feature has not been added. Adding a dedicated Type for CryptoWallets opens the door for additional features. If not a dedicated Type for CryptoWallet, please consider enhancing Secure Notes type to allow the multiline text field to be hidden. This will allow one to store private keys (pass phrases, ssh-keys (no need to add attachment), GPG Keys) with confidence.

Additionally, should we have a dedicated CryptoWallet Type. This opens the door to have a
Multi-signature (multisig) like feature for multi-user accounts. For example, in order to view a 24-word passphrase 3 of 5 users would need to sign the transaction with their master-password within a set period of time before the passphrase is viewed. However, once viewed any one of the users can copy the passphrase and render this feature unnecessary in the future. I thought I was going somewhere with this. :slight_smile: