Crypto wallet address checker

Feature name

Public key / Wallet address checker


Malware that changes the clipboard content when it notices a crypto wallet address has been copied. It will change the content to the attackers wallet address or might just change a single value in the complete hex string.

Feature function

Be able to save known crypto wallet public keys / addresses to the Bitwarden vault.
When an crypto wallet address is copy pasted Bitwarden makes it possible to highlight the pasted address and check if the address matches a known address saved within the Bitwarden vault.

Related topics + references

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A little bit confused on how this would be useful.

I don’t see how this would be implemented. I see 2 scenarios:

  1. BW checks if the crypto value is an unknown one and changes it back. Now the crypto-virus will see that the clipboard contains a cryptokey and will want to change it back. BitWarden and the cryptovirus go in an epic battle and suck the whole universe into a black hole.
  2. BW also implements a virus scanner and removes cryptoviruses from the system. This doesn’t look like an interesting option as it is a serious feature that doesn’t look like it’s in the scope of this project.

Agree with this. I don’t see how Bitwarden could be useful here. If there’s a malware on your computer, there’s very little you can do to reliably prevent it from messing with your destination addresses (even if you enter them manually).

Thank you for the replies.

I will try and clarify about how it can be used to verify the wallet address that you have pasted is valid. I will give 2 examples.

Example 1 (good):
I want to transfer some cryptocurrency to the wallet of a family member. I have previously saved their wallet address into the bitwarden vault.

I copy the saved address and paste the address into the “to:” field for sending cryptocurrency from within my own browser wallet interface or from within a mobile phone application.

Once the address is pasted, the user can select the pasted string and have Bitwarden verify it. Bitwarden verifies the string by letting the user know it’s a known saved address and shows the user it is an exact match.

Example 2(malicious):
The users computer contains malware and changes the clipboard content when it recognize something that looks like a wallet address.

The exact same steps as described in example 1, however this time Bitwarden tells te user there is no match found after checking the pasted wallet addresss.