Crypto wallet address checker

Feature name

Public key / Wallet address checker


Malware that changes the clipboard content when it notices a crypto wallet address has been copied. It will change the content to the attackers wallet address or might just change a single value in the complete hex string.

Feature function

Be able to save known crypto wallet public keys / addresses to the Bitwarden vault.
When an crypto wallet address is copy pasted Bitwarden makes it possible to highlight the pasted address and check if the address matches a known address saved within the Bitwarden vault.

Related topics + references

coindesk article from 2019

A little bit confused on how this would be useful.

I don’t see how this would be implemented. I see 2 scenarios:

  1. BW checks if the crypto value is an unknown one and changes it back. Now the crypto-virus will see that the clipboard contains a cryptokey and will want to change it back. BitWarden and the cryptovirus go in an epic battle and suck the whole universe into a black hole.
  2. BW also implements a virus scanner and removes cryptoviruses from the system. This doesn’t look like an interesting option as it is a serious feature that doesn’t look like it’s in the scope of this project.