Crtl+V and Ebay

When logging into eBay using the Chrome add-in on a Windows desktop, after successfully entering my username and password using Crtl+Shift+L, when presented with the Ebay screen to enter my Bitwarden Authenticator TOTP-generated code which I have previously enabled in Ebay’s Bitwarden entry, if I use Crtl+V nothing happens. If I right-click to bring up the Bitwarden pop-up, then scroll down to copy the authenticator TOTP code, then paste the code so it is successfully entered, I am now in my eBay account. I am wondering if the failure to paste the authenticator TOTP code is related to the underlying eBay webpage code. I successfully used Crtl-V on other websites to add the authenticator TOTP code after having entered the user name/password.


What setting do you have for clearing the clipboard (in Settings > Options)?

Also, what happens if you auto-fill your username/password on the Ebay login page, but then, when you get the TOTP prompt, paste (Ctrl+V) into a text editor (e.g., Notepad) instead of attempting to paste into the TOTP field?

This would tell you if your TOTP code made it onto your clipboard (in which case there is something blocking you from pasting it into Ebay’s 2FA prompt).

I have the clipboard automatically clear after 20 seconds.

When I log in to eBay with Crtl+Shift+L and then immediately do Crtl-v in Notepad, no text is pasted. When I right-click and then scroll down to copy the generated code, if I then paste it into Notepad, the six-digit code appears. If I then Crtl-V into eBay window that same six-digit code is inserted and then I am in my eBay account. So, you are right that the first Crtl-V is not grabbing anything from the clipboard because the generated code has not been copied tp the clipboard.

In contrast when I log into the Bitwarden community with Crtl+Shift+L for my user name and password and then immediately do a Crtl-V, the six-digit TOTP is entered automatically.

Here’s another experiment:

Copy some random text into the clipboard. Then, within the 20-second limit, auto-fill your username/password on the Ebay site, and subsequently attempt to paste the clipboard contents into Notepad.

This will tell us whether something is clearing your clipboard when you’re auto-filling on the Ebay site (as opposed to the TOTP code never being transferred into the clipboard).

I copied some random text into the clipboard using Crtl-c then logged into eBay using Crtl+Shift+L. At the Authenticator code screen, I then did Crtl+v and nothing was entered into the eBay Authenticator screen. Just before doing that I pressed the Win+v to bring up the Clipboard contents screen. It had the random text with the most recent entry being the TOTP that Bitwarden had copied there. That is when I did Crtl+v and nothing was entered. If I right-clicked, scrolled down to get the generated code, and then did Crtl+v that code was entered and I was in my eBay account.

OK, thanks for the info. Checking Win+V was helpful; you should try this method to get more data on the behavior.

So if the TOTP code does make it onto your clipboard, how come you weren’t able to paste it into Notepad in the previous “experiment”? Can you reproduce that behavior?

If you check your Windows clipboard history (Win+V) at this point, is the TOTP still there?

If you check your Windows clipboard history (Win+V) at this point, do you now have one or two TOTP codes in the clipboard history?

Do you see any blank/empty entries in your clipboard history, too (this is how Bitwarden “clears” the clipboard)? While troubleshooting your Ebay issue, I would probably disable Bitwarden’s clipboard clearing feature (or at least set the time-out to something longer than 20 sec).

Hello grb,

I just did the test you asked either on a windows 10 machine and on my macbook air. I copied a random text into the clipboard and then displayed the clipboard containts at all the step of the bitwarden entry. On both machine the clipboard containt is left as it was and not replaced by the TOTP code after filling id/pwd from the browser plugin. It was not on ebay but on my pandasecurity administrator console, but the plugin doesn’t care of that.

Next, if I copy manually the TOTP code from the bitwarden entry, I can see the change into the cliboard contains. :wink:

Have a nice day.