Crtl Shift L in Chrome is now opening a new window

When I got to login to a website I use Ctrl Shift L first to unlock my vault. This used to open a new tab and I would login then, it would close the tab and have auto filled the email and password. Now when I hit Ctrl Shift L it opens a new Chrome window instead of a tab. Anyway to fix this behaviour?

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@Callum_Shale Welcome to the forum!

For me, this only happens if I’m browsing in Incognito/Private mode. Any chance that is what is happening in your case?

If this is happening when your browser is not in Incognito/Private mode, please provide more detail about which operating system you are using (including version number), as well as the version numbers of your Chrome browser and Bitwarden browser extension.

Hi @grb Thanks!

This is happening whilest not in incognito/private mode.

My OS is - Windows 11 Home 22H2
- Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92
- BitWarden Chrome extension Version: 2023.9.1 Server version: 2023.9.0

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

My browser extension is still on version 2023.8.3, which does not exhibit the behavior that you describe.

On further research, it seems that this is an intentional change, introduced in version 2023.9.0, for which the release notes have the following change listed:

  • Launch unlock or login in new window when auto-filling

The pull request for this “new feature” development is linked below. If I had to guess (based on the screenshot videos in the PR), this was done so that the new window could be created with a small viewport and location in the upper right corner of the browser (not “upper left” as stated in the PR description), to mimic the appearance of the browser extension viewport itself.


Where can I deactivate the “feature” and return the old behavior? I think it is most annoying. When you close and restore a tab, it will also restore the Bitwarden window. At least in Chrome.

@octopus Welcome to the forum.

Bitwarden is working on a new PR to mitigate some of the issues that were caused by PR 5384:

This will not revert to the old behavior, but it will open the unlock prompt in the extensions pop-up bubble instead of in a regular browser window. To revert to the old behavior, you would have to download and install version 2023.8.3.

Not sure what you are describing here. If you are restoring a tab containing a webpage for which you have “Auto-fill on page load” enabled, then the behavior is expected. Nonetheless, this type of behavior may also be addressed in an upcoming release.