Credit Cards need Masterpassword

Just switched from another PW manager and find a few key differences. One being rather annoying:
a) I use Biometric and the browser extension only works if I open the Desktop app and grant access.
b) once the browser extension is unlocked I can happily paste passwords and access stuff.
The real problem is:
c) I need to enter the Masterpassword to autofill credit card information. Every time I want to fill credit cards the extension asks me to enter the Masterpassword for those specific fields, although I have TouchID / Biometric enabled.

Why this behaviour? I think this extra step is somewhat weird (or maybe a bug). Any idea or information on this? Do you experience the same?

I am using MacOS and Vivaldi Browser both Desktop app + Extension from Chrome installed (Bitwarden - Free Password Manager 2023.12.1) currently in free version.

Thanks much!

@Uwe-A Welcome to the forum!

Edit the credit card item in the browser extension, scroll down to just below the “Folder” setting, where you should find an option called “Master password re-prompt”. If the checkbox for that option is checked, then clear the checkbox and Save.

Thanks @grb - yes that worked. I went and edited the cards and unchecked the masterpwd and now all is good!
Thank you!

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