Credit Card option pops up when not needed

The credit card I’ve entered in Bitwarden pops up EVERY time I try to log in to a site. So when I try to log in and click my Bitwarden TSR the window opens with two choices: Login and Cards. The card I entered in “Cards” is not relevant when I’m trying to log in, but now it pops up all the time! Were it not there, Bitwarden could enter my password automatically and immediately w/o my having to click again. Can this be fixed?

Your screenshot shows the default view (“Current Tab” view) of the Browser extension, which displays all logins matched to the current URL, as well as any Card items and Identity Items.

The logic is that if you have entered Card or Identity items in your vault, you may wish to autofill this information on various web pages, which may or may not correspond to URLs for which you have matching login items. Say you are doing a “guest checkout” on a shopping site for which you have no login account — just open the browser extension and click on the card that you want to use; when entering billing/shipping information, just open the browser extension and click on the identity item that you want to use. If you remove these items form the default view, then you add add least two more clicks (to go to Vault > Cards) for each of these actions.

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Hi @Tergin

You can hide cards from the Tab view in the extension by navigating to Settings > Options and unchecking the box that says “Show cards on Tab page”. This will hide the cards from the Tab view.

From the same Options view, you can also turn on Auto-fill on page load so your login with a matching URI will automatically fill the site’s username and password fields.




This is helpful. That’s very close to what I was asking about. Couldn’t find it. THANK YOU!

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