Creation Date?

Where can I find Password or Login creation date?

We don’t currently display that in the UI, but there is a feature request for it here:

What I do as a simple workaround is add the creation date and the date the password was last changed in the “Notes” field.

The advantage of this workaround is that I can set any dates I want. This is very useful because:

  1. Bitwarden still has no “unshare” functionality. To unshare an item, you have to create a new item and delete the old one. That would probably cause the creation date to be wrong, but with this workaround, you can set it to whatever you like.
  2. Sometimes I’ll create a login, but not have time (or access) to enter it into Bitwarden right away. The workaround lets me specify the actual creation date of the account/password, instead of the date that I created the Bitwarden item. Generally, the date the account was created (or password changed) is what I actually want, and not the date I created the item in Bitwarden.

Overall, if this is ever implemented in Bitwarden, I would like the fields to be editable.