Creating SSH Key in Secrets

Ability to add SSH key in secrets by specifying fields for private key, public key, algorithm used from a drop-down menu (example, RSA-4096, Ed25519, …), passphrase, etc.


I could definitely see how this could be helpful where you might be using multiple SSH Keys :key:. I’ll vote for your idea

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I was reading up on cyber security, and a blogger made the point that if you put everything in BW and, for some reason, a malevolent actor gains access, then that person has access to everything; not just passwords (already bad), but TOTP secrets and, based on your request, possibly keys too. So, not sure that’s desirable. Of course, having the option doesn’t mean you exercise it.

Good point! However, if a malicious person were to break in, there should not be this problem. The data is stored encrypted with the AES algorithm, which, at present, is one of the inviolate encrypted algorithms. Since quantum computers do not exist, “kidnapped” encrypted data would be of no use :slightly_smiling_face: