Creating Bitwarden Password to replace current one

I use a banking website and I have a password in BW that I want to replace. I want BW to generate the password so I did just that. I went into BW, clicked on Generate and it gave me a new password. I copied the new password and put in the “New Password” page of the banking website. What I do not know is how do I change the current password in BW with the one that was generated.
Thanks in advance.

When you updated it on the banking website, you should have seen a popup bar across the top asking if you wanted Bitwarden to update the password for that site. Regardless, you could have just gone into the record that holds the banking password and updated it straight after you generated it.

Danmullen…thanks a lot. I tried that and at first it did not work but now it is. Thanks a lot for the help

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