Create new item in a users myvault for initial setup

Feature name

Save an item directly to a users MyVault for initial setup.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

When setting up accounts / sign-ins for users I want to be able to save the item in a specific users MyVault. After initially saving the item to that users MyVault, there is no access to that item - it is a one time task. I can then notify user (or BW could alert user) that an item has been saved to their MyVault.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    I do not need to find creative ways to share the password which the user then needs to put into their BW MyVault. What good way is there to share a personal pwd with a user? We do not need more collections.

  • Why am I setting a users personal sign-in pwd?

  1. Depending on what this sign-in is for, the user may or may not be able to change the pwd.
  2. The on-boarding process could be complicated and I setup the account with a pwd, then the changes/resets pwd.
  3. Typical scenario is on-boarding new staff - so many places they need access.